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December 18th 2021

The difference between Designers, Developers and Agencies

Knowing the difference between designers, developers and agencies is important when choosing someone to work on your website or online shop. Here are just some common terms, and what they mean, so you can make the best decision for your business.

Solo Workers

Many website creatives choose to work alone or in small teams. Here are some common people you might run into. Just remember, when working with freelance or individuals, you become the project manager and have to choose the best people for the job at each step of the pipeline.


A designer does just that, designs. They are skilled in knowing what looks good and making layouts work across varying screen sizes so your site looks great on mobile or desktop.


A developer is a technical person. They (or their team) know how to make things work, and how to build the code that displays your site on the web.

Full-Stack Designer/Developer

Full-stack or designer/developer is the term given to someone who can do both the role of the designer and the developer. They know best web practices and can iterate on ideas quickly.


Agencies like Brolga Digital have access to all kinds of specialties. And if the team doesn’t have someone suitable for the task, they have short-term contracts with professionals to get the job done. They’ll take care of everything on the project management side too, keeping everyone on track and making sure the project gets completed on time.

You’ll probably only work with one or two people from the entire team, but rest assured that dedicated people are working together to make the project its best.

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