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February 22nd 2022

Focus on your business with a Managed Website

Running a business has many complicated tasks. From stock management to tax-time, there’s always something demanding attention. But one aspect of business that doesn’t need to be this way is your website and online presence.

What is a managed website?

A managed website is a service that maintains and updates a website for you. Everything from security to text is kept up to date with minimal input from the site owner. A managed website means nothing to learn, it’s all run by communicating directly with the service provider or agency, often via email or instant message.

Managed vs Self-Managed

Where managed websites require little to no direct input from the owner, self-managed sites are the opposite. They require someone to run maintenance and updates, manage content and keep on top of security. It’s also on the owner to optimise the site for search engines and fix any bugs and problems that might arise.

At Brolga Digital, we find most of our clients prefer a managed service, so we developed a range of solutions to cater to a variety of users and experience levels. There is the flexibility to manage your content, without the worry that you might break something. Or there is a hands-off approach where updates to content are made by talking to

Choosing a Management Agency

It’s not easy to choose an agency to manage a website on your behalf. You want someone trustworthy that will respond to requests quickly. Cost is also a major factor, with some agencies charging huge fees, or hiding their prices.

We aim to communicate clearly with our clients, outlining exactly what they will be paying for at each level of website management. We’re also available for video calls, to work through your needs a find the best solution.

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