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Find long term solutions

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

At Brolga Digital, we promise not to build something complicated and then abandon you when we're done. We offer a range of packages, charged monthly or as used (depending on our agreement). Check out our packages for more information on how we can support you long term.

Domain and Hosting Management

We take all the technical challenges away from getting your website on the internet and make sure that everyone can find you.

Uptime Monitoring

Make sure that your website is always accessible with uptime monitoring. If something goes wrong, we know straight away and get to work fixing it.

Backups and Updates

Every week, we back up our servers, then run any plugin or security updates, ensuring your data and content is always safe.

Phone, email or chat troubleshooting and support

However you communicate, we'll be there. And we'll always do our best to fix any problems and answer your questions.

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